Monday, August 11, 2014

May 5, 2014

hey mom!

So on early this week, we have to go down to Yarmouth, do something with the district and so it messed our whole day up this week, so I have very little time today, but not much happened this week, we taught the investigator that we have twice and I think that that is going really good… or I hope it is going well, We are just trying to help her pray and get an answer to her own prayers. That is what we are really focusing on right now - just to try and help her progress. Not much else happened this week… same stuff every day, it was kinda long. I feel like I am not getting any good work outs in and making me feel all sluggish and fat, but there is just no time and my companion does not like to work out

I got my hair cut by my companion…. Really dumb move on my part but I was trying to save money. It is a three all over my head pretty much, i look stupid and it also really shows my hair line has receded way up there, but not much i can do there but yeah,

hope you have a good week love you mom.

love elder dean

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