Monday, August 11, 2014

June 30, 2014

Hey mom, 

So we didn't meet with Jane and John this week so I have no clue what will happen with them because i leave tomorrow morning, i have to drive 3 hours to Manchester to go to transfer meeting to then find out where i am even going, so I wont find out if they prayed or got an answer at all, so that kinda sucks. And also i have been called as a Co-District leader, whatever the that means, (a district leader is over a small amount of missionaries and he teaches a weekly lesson and takes reports of numbers and how missionaries are doing) SO THAT SUCKS!!!! i have no clue how a co district leader works me and my companion are both the district leader and so thats weird, it also means i dont get to drive all the time but i have to share driving which bites. I am really happy for tim that is awesome.
I have a good bit over 6 months, thank you very much, I have 7..... today is my 17 month mark..... weird....... it kinda weirds me out to think in 7 months i will be home thats not a long time, then i have to grow up and get a job and go to school and start actually dating and ugh crap.......
honestly i am not that at peace with them no but not much i can to do change that everything is in the past and i can change i single thing now.
Not much else from this last week at all, sorry i dont have my camera or i would send pictures i love you mom,

love elder dean

Sorry I feel a little frustrated inside today.

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