Monday, August 11, 2014

July 28, 2014

Hey Mum,

So i guess i will just write a weekly letter, um not much really happened this past week we did get into a prank war with the sisters though so that has been quite enjoyable!!! i started it by putting sticky notes on their car, so they retaliated with cookies all over ours so i bough silly string and those chalk window markers and covered their car, so then Saturday we were at one of the best families houses and they were coming for dinner we had been doing service and they stuffed our car full of balloons with glitter inside of them in our car, so when we popped them they exploded glitter all inside our car and they also stole my camera and pumped it full of pictures, and videos so fun time i am still working on my revenge, there has also been some other small stuff but its funny they only do a lot of the pranks to me because my comp doesnt think any of that is funny and gets really upset but i just laugh and think of how to get them back and so they only do things to me but its fun. 

So theres this guy named tim, he is super cool, he is twenty and he is no kidding one of the best people i have met on my mission he is moving out to st george ut to get away from some stuff here and so i am super pumped because we have plans to hang out after the mission when i get out to utah! um not a whole lot of other stuff happened this past week, it was pretty good!!! love ya. PS. you need to answer my question!!

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