Monday, August 11, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hey Mum,

so the area is really good it is way more boon then i am use to. its so different form my past areas we dont even have a walmart in our area and its all pasture land and farms and so its kinda odd, the people have been good so far we got sworn at by our downstairs neighbor because apparently we are to loud, at like 5 in the morning he said, so that was lame, now we have to be really quiet as we exercise so i will probably get really fat here, i was finally starting to build muscles back up with elder gardner, we biked and walked everywhere. but thats ok i will just have to worry about the working out when i get home. but its been good so far, my new companion is elder farnworth,  he is good... he is different then my last companion for sure, the work here though is much different then my last areas. we have a few people we are teaching but none that are really solid right now. some i dont even know if i would count as investigators but oh well.and also no i can go into canada

this past week was good, i had to on exchange with one of the elders in my district so that was ok, i dont like exchanges. i have another two this week one with the the zone leaders and one with the other elder in the district, and so that will be interesting. um this past week wasnt too bad things are going good so far and its good. ugh not much else i had something that i wanted to ask but i cant remember guess it wasnt important oh well. love you mom!!!

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