Monday, August 11, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hey mum

so again not much happened this past week as usual i had to go exchanges which all jack with my weeks and make them so much faster, but we had interviews with president stoker this week, and then we did really nothing major, taught Jane and John and we have come to a stand still and so this week we talked for a while and asked if they had asked God if it was all true and they hadnt and so we told them to pretty much just lay it all on the line to find a quiet place in the house and just to lay all of it before God and ask, and that also just as important as asking they had to have the intent to act on the answer despite what the answer was, they said they would and so we will follow up with that later on and hopefully they did it, cause if not I am not sure what to do. we will see. other then that not much, just a normal week.

Elder Dean

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