Monday, August 11, 2014

June 16, 2014

hey mum

so not much happened this week we just walked and biked a ton and tried to see people but not much luck in any regard, we biked 40 miles on thursday and then walked 15 on saturday so thats fun. but we have interview this week and i have to go on an exchange again.... but yeah love you mom hope you have a good week.

Lochlan is complaining? that sounds like so much more awesome of a summer then sitting at home doing nothing......... anyway not much this week, i was one exchange so i missed Jane and John lesson and not much else happened all week, i suck at finding. but yeah hope you have a good week love you mom

Hey since you probably cant get on i am going to go i have some things to get done love you have a good week!!!!

love elder dean

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