Monday, August 11, 2014

May 12, 2014


So things are going good here, we are still teaching Anna, and things are going really good, she couldnt come to church this week it is finals week for her and so she is super busy but we plan on teaching her again on Wednesday and hopefully we can start seeing some progress. my companion is still waiting on his visa to go to brazil he has been here in the states now for 11 months and he is hoping to get it really soon yeah things are going good have a good week.

Love elder Dean

hey this is really random but with your business what exactly do you do?
My companion was tell me that his brother makes wedding rings and he was telling his mom about you and well me too i guess.  but anyway his mom asked if you'd be interested in a brochure of his product for your customers i told him i don't know what you exactly do but that i would ask

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