Monday, August 11, 2014

June 2, 1014

Hey mum! 

this week wasnt much at all we biked.... alot, no really we biked A LOT. on thursday we biked 35 miles in one day and over the whole week probably biked close to 55 miles because we had no miles on the car at all we came close to going over but luckily we didnt. and so that was good. we taught Jane and John, which was really good and there is another lesson set up for tuesday but i am on exchange so i wont be there. i hate exchanges a lot. but any way not a whole lot happened as usual sorry the letter sucks and is super short, but im sending a package home this week with a flash drive but i need it back i dont have the moeny to buy any more flash drives and so please actually send this one back... but thats it I really love you

love elder dean

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