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May 19, 2014


So this past week was really good, we saw a huge blessing with Jane. we taught her this past week, and the entire time so far we have been teaching her she is struggling with the churches stance on homosexual relations , so after putting a lot of thought and prayer into it elder gardner and i decided that the best thing to teach her would be the law of chastity, and teach her what Gods standards are for all relationships not just homosexual and why, and so we met with her and we had a Member, Amy, (who is amazing at missionary work!) come to and so we just started teaching her and we talked a little on faith and the week previous we had taught and committed her to watch the motherhood video and we used that to move into the law of chastity, so we start teaching what it is and we talk about how there are no sexual relations at ALL outside of marriage. and how that is Gods law, we asked what she felt about it and she said she understood but still disagreed with it since her sister (who is Bisexual) seems happy in her relationship and she cant understand why God would say no happiness, and so we then explained the reason why families are so essential and that procreation and bringing children into this world is Gods first commandment. 

We told her that by us choosing to follow on those feelings of homosexuality, that we are denying other spirit children the blessings that come with a mortal body, we are deny some else the Gift of AGENCY, and that the only way for children to come into this world and be raised properly is inside of the marriage between a man and a women, and that that is why homosexual relations are bad. We laid the law down and there is no budging on it ... the worlds view may shift and change but God's laws are not and will not ever change, regardless of how the world sees it. 

Then we just sat in silence for like one to two minutes and the spirit was so strong and she sat there and almost started to cry, ( we think that the tears are the fact that she knows its true but that she is frustrated over her sister, not sure though), and so we pointed out the fact that the spirit was so strong relating it to Galations 5:22-23, i kid you not i could have cut the spirit in there with a butter knife, there was no way she didnt feel the spirit. Amy the member said she loves to come teaching with us and that we are a power house and she loves it so much!!! kinda cool. 

And so we set up another lesson and had it the next day and this one her boyfriend, John, was in town and he had been to church once and sat in on a lesson so we met at the church and again taught them both we focused more on him so as to not overwhelm Jane, and just try and see where he was at but it was a good lesson, we had cookie cake to celebrate Jane's birthday and then latter that night at like 940, John called us and he wanted to meet again this time just us and him the next day, and so we agreed and met with him the next day! It was super cool because John is a Jew so he has no real knowledge of Christ and little of the bible beyond the Five books of moses. It was very interesting because we talked for a while and he said he has never felt like what he feels like, that at first he just came to support his girlfriend but that now he really wants to know and that when we met with us he said he felt like we were the best people he had ever met before and that he felt like we would do the right thing in any circumstance, which blew me away since i WISH thats how i am.... that is how I try to be.  

We talk for awhile about why he wanted to meet and then we started to discuss the plan of salvation and Gods plan for us and he thought for a while and just said it makes so much more sense that way and that if he were God thats how he would design it, since it allows for the perfect amount of justice and mercy to be involved and that also the God we worship is a lot more loving then he thought the God of Christianity and that he felt love meeting with us. He was was just overwhelmed by the spirit saying he had a "fountain of light" inside him and that it felt like what the seven dwarfs mine looked like in Sleeping beauty, and just how he was disappointed that the feeling had left him last night and he didnt want to lose it again so we committed him to a soft baptismal commitment!!! it was really cool and both he and anna are gone for the week and both should be back next week so we can continue teaching them then!! 

Also something cool is that it was transfer weekend and so we didnt know if we would leave or not and so he was super bummed and in a prayer was like asking heavenly father if we could stay and that might be selfish but he really wanted us too and he asked for our email addresses in case we left it was cool,\ and when we found out we called him and he said that we had just made his day and was so happy!!! it was really cool!!!! 

thats it this week as far as they go, if you post this to the blog i dont know if you are but will you change names for me... thanks! also on sunday i had to sing in church. oh yeah and im staying with elder gardner and one of the sisters in the area is leaving this past week one of the sisters had hit her year mark so elder gardner and i made her a Camel cake!!! and today we have to make a music video for bohemian rhapsody for the other sister! Who bytheway also i talk to her while sister escobar and elder gardner practice portugese together and she said you sound really cool!! thought id throw that in there!!! anywho love you mom!!!!!1

love elder dean

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