Friday, August 15, 2014

Pictures from Elder Deans "Hump Day"

Elder Dean made it to HUMP DAY! (WAYYYY back in January!) 
In his "Hump Day" Package was a sweet t-shirt and camel! 

Funny thing is - He had no idea what the tshirt was from! The commercial that used the hump day camel came out AFTER his mission! 

Look you can hardly tell he was in a major accident before his mission! 

His companion was sick so they ended up staying in the Apartment all day. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cute missionaries of Newport, Vermont

Sister Burton, Sister Wray and Elder Dean

Elder Dean, Elder Farnworth, ?, ?, Sister Burton, Sister Wray

August 11, 2014

HEY MUM!!!!!! 

First off pictures from last monday! 

IT was a ton of fun i forgot my camera in my zone leaders car this last thursday (i had to go on exchanges with them, sucks...)  but i wish i had some of my pictures from my camera these are all from my companions camera, it was a really good day.

So this week was transfers and i am staying and still a co district leader. I am happy that I am staying but  it still kinda sucks though, because me and the two sisters who were serving in the same  area as me .... well we all three became really close friends.  We called ourselves the "awkward trio" and i dont know we just clicked, and one of the sisters is leaving so that bites.

Other then that not much else this week

i talk to tim who i am buying the sub from to confirm it and i should be sending the sub home in about 2 weeks, its so big it will be a pain to ship home gosh, but overall it was an ok week not much happened just the same normal stuff kinda..

I love you mum

Love elder dean

I hate that he doesn't seem to fear a lot of things.....

August 4, 2014

Letter to Joel:

that is awesome that you were able to go out with the missionaries Joel! i can tell you that they defiantly would have been so grateful, i can personally tell you its hard at times to get members and we are always so appreciative of those that are willing to sacrifice to come out, Did you teach him anything? Were people fairly receptive in taiwan or was it hard to get them to overcome the tea? thank you though for writing me Joel i really appreciate it, and i hope you are doing good and that things are going good. also thank you for all that you taught me growing up. Joel i am really appreciative of the example that you set for me and how you helped me to be who i am today, just want you to know that one of the reasons i am out here is you. i love you man have a good week!!
love elder dean!

July 28, 2014

Hey Mum,

So i guess i will just write a weekly letter, um not much really happened this past week we did get into a prank war with the sisters though so that has been quite enjoyable!!! i started it by putting sticky notes on their car, so they retaliated with cookies all over ours so i bough silly string and those chalk window markers and covered their car, so then Saturday we were at one of the best families houses and they were coming for dinner we had been doing service and they stuffed our car full of balloons with glitter inside of them in our car, so when we popped them they exploded glitter all inside our car and they also stole my camera and pumped it full of pictures, and videos so fun time i am still working on my revenge, there has also been some other small stuff but its funny they only do a lot of the pranks to me because my comp doesnt think any of that is funny and gets really upset but i just laugh and think of how to get them back and so they only do things to me but its fun. 

So theres this guy named tim, he is super cool, he is twenty and he is no kidding one of the best people i have met on my mission he is moving out to st george ut to get away from some stuff here and so i am super pumped because we have plans to hang out after the mission when i get out to utah! um not a whole lot of other stuff happened this past week, it was pretty good!!! love ya. PS. you need to answer my question!!

July 21, 2014

**** This week there was no "letter" Bryson and I just sent short clips back and forth for a bit, but he was only on for a really short time.

....not much we dont have much, the sisters wanted to do something with us today but none of us could think of anything so we are going to come up with ideas and try next week,

...yeah so cabot is in my zone leaders area, along with the ben and jerrys factory.

.....huh yes i will next week sorry i have to go to day though bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 14, 2014

Hey Mum,

so the area is really good it is way more boon then i am use to. its so different form my past areas we dont even have a walmart in our area and its all pasture land and farms and so its kinda odd, the people have been good so far we got sworn at by our downstairs neighbor because apparently we are to loud, at like 5 in the morning he said, so that was lame, now we have to be really quiet as we exercise so i will probably get really fat here, i was finally starting to build muscles back up with elder gardner, we biked and walked everywhere. but thats ok i will just have to worry about the working out when i get home. but its been good so far, my new companion is elder farnworth,  he is good... he is different then my last companion for sure, the work here though is much different then my last areas. we have a few people we are teaching but none that are really solid right now. some i dont even know if i would count as investigators but oh well.and also no i can go into canada

this past week was good, i had to on exchange with one of the elders in my district so that was ok, i dont like exchanges. i have another two this week one with the the zone leaders and one with the other elder in the district, and so that will be interesting. um this past week wasnt too bad things are going good so far and its good. ugh not much else i had something that i wanted to ask but i cant remember guess it wasnt important oh well. love you mom!!!