Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

HEY MUM!!!!!! 

First off pictures from last monday! 

IT was a ton of fun i forgot my camera in my zone leaders car this last thursday (i had to go on exchanges with them, sucks...)  but i wish i had some of my pictures from my camera these are all from my companions camera, it was a really good day.

So this week was transfers and i am staying and still a co district leader. I am happy that I am staying but  it still kinda sucks though, because me and the two sisters who were serving in the same  area as me .... well we all three became really close friends.  We called ourselves the "awkward trio" and i dont know we just clicked, and one of the sisters is leaving so that bites.

Other then that not much else this week

i talk to tim who i am buying the sub from to confirm it and i should be sending the sub home in about 2 weeks, its so big it will be a pain to ship home gosh, but overall it was an ok week not much happened just the same normal stuff kinda..

I love you mum

Love elder dean

I hate that he doesn't seem to fear a lot of things.....

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