Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas Eve

"Thanks Mom" .....


MMMMMMM..... Yum!

More Pictures!!!!


Welcome to Bath… Maine’s Cool Little City!

Big enough to be a commercial and cultural hub and compact enough to be intimate and walkable, Bath is vibrant, friendly, and a Maine visitor’s paradise.

Downtown Bath’s 19th century buildings are home to shops, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants lining pedestrian-friendly Front and Centre Streets… perfect for an afternoon of browsing in all seasons.

Just two miles downriver, the Maine Maritime Museum has been ranked one of the “Ten Best” maritime museums in the world!

Located on the Kennebec River at the head of the Phippsburg and Georgetown peninsulas, Bath is also a great central location for enjoying a day at the beach, hiking trails, fishing or deep-water sailing.


Elder Bryson Scott Dean
962 Middle rd. #7
bath, ME 

Bath, Maine #1

Jan 20, 2014

Hey Mum,

So I finally figured out a way to beat you from sending me packages..... I will hold my new address hostage so you can’t send anything unless you PROMISE not to send anything to me anymore!!!!

I will tell you that I was transferred to Topsham Maine and that I am living in the city of Bath. So the funniest thing is you can’t even argue today because my pday got screwed up this week so you don’t even know I’m on!

I’m back to sharing an area again which honestly I really don’t like. The sisters in this area seem to be really great but they not the best at planning so my companion and I sat in the apartment till 115 because they didn’t come pick us up, Bath has nothing. We needed to go shopping and after that we came here to email.

We have a dinner appointment at like 5 so our pday is really short this week. The area is ok so far and my companion seems to be really good. Things are different here. I need to figure out to work with the ward leadership, this ward doesn’t seem to be a cause very “missionary focused” ward and so I have no idea how to work with them and involve them cause they don’t seem to really care.

Don’t get me wrong the ward is super inviting and is REALLY warm when people do come, they are good people so that’s good. It’s just a new situation, that I need to figure out.

Actually one of the best things about this transfer is that my companion is really cool. it’s funny his mom found my blog before he came on his mission and was talking about how funny it would be if he and I ended up being companions and look now we are. There are no real investigators in the area and so it’s the same for me as it was in Derry, although I still miss Derry. It’s all good here… it will be good here.

We get more snow so that’s fun!!!! not.

The new apartment sucks!!! Mom, no lie - Lochlans and my closet back home is twice the size of our kitchen here, so yeah this apartment is SUPER small. Although the lease ends soon so we should be moving… we will see.

Anyway love you glad you love your new puppy.

I love you Mom

Love Elder Dean

Derry, NH #15

Jan 6, 2014

Hey mum,

So this past week was good, and yet it really sucked.

It was mostly normal and for the most the week went normal, Wednesday we had pizza hut buffet, and we then went to the church, we are supposed to teach a book of Mormon class on Wednesday but no one showed up. We ended up sitting there and Sister Peacock who is our ward mission leader’s wife was there since the youth had dodge-ball we had ended up talking with her for an hour since no one else came.

On Thursday we had lunch with a member since he was going out of town this weekend and if one of us got transferred he wouldn't be there to say goodbye, then we did service at a soup kitchen and we do that every week Wednesday and Thursday, which is really fun.

After that we went to the Peacock’s for dinner again and to have coordination meeting between us and our ward mission leader, that was a lot of fun, I always love going over to the Peacock’s home, they are a really awesome family.

On Friday we did weekly planning and we were supposed to have a lesson planned with this nonmember who had seemed interested but there was a misunderstanding and we moved the lesson to Saturday. The rest of the day was just had a normal Friday. On Saturday we went to that lesson only he wasn't home. So we worked around the area and then went back and still not home, so we called no answer. The phone was either dead or off. Dang it. By then the Peacocks needed our help moving some wood from their garage to the cellar and stacking it, EVERYONE in New England heats their homes with wood?!?!?!?! Still?!?!? you’d think we were in the eighteen hundreds?!?!? Weird.

But in the process of throwing and stacking wood my companion hits me in the gut full force with a log he threw thinking I was ready….I wasn't. NEXT, he almost got me in the crotch! Then he beams me in the head! (SEE PICTURE!) It was like he was trying to get me?!?!?! After stacking the wood we had dinner with the Peacock family.

After dinner we went home and……. we got a call.
I am being transferred.

Mom that really sucks. I really didn't want to be transferred. I love this area so much, and I really love the members, they are all so amazing especially families like the Peacocks. I have really grown close to everyone and I’m sad I have to leave I felt like crying that night.

On Sunday I said my goodbyes to everyone, which was really rough, and not fun. I really love this ward, then again had dinner with the Peacocks and then came home and now we are here, but it was a long week and kinda depressing but I hope all is good back home I love you mum

Love Elder Dean

Derry, NH # 14

Jan 6, 2014

Hey mum,

So today is way warm, although we got something like 17 inches of snow last week, so that sucked they grounded the cars Thursday and Friday we drove as little as we had to. but it wasn’t to bad, really cold, I was on exchange when the storm hit so I got stuck in Haverhill, Mass for three days, and hadn’t brought my gloves so my hands were frozen the whole time, the temperature never got above 10 for like two days, it sucked, but the roads weren’t to bad, I fished tailed a couple times but I’m getting the hang of it and its almost fun to do it now. and the weather is worse this next week, apparently there is an arctic cold front coming down that is going to send temperatures plummeting, and they are supposed to be way in to the negatives, so that will be fun but last week was ok, I don’t like being in other areas and I ate a crap ton of candy and didn’t get to do insanity for three days so that sucked. I’ve done the t25 a few times and its really awesome thanks so much.

As for the puppy I think she is adorable, I’m sad I’m not there and I think Jemma is the perfect name. so

Transfers are coming up next week so we will see what happens, I don’t want to leave at all, I really like Derry despite how slow it is right now. I really want to stay I love the members especially a few certain families.

The driving in the snow is not bad at all I would send pictures but I left my camera in Georgetown and won't get it back till Wednesday. Driving in the snow not nearly as hard as people make it out to be… just go really slow and if you start to slid out just turn in to it and don’t hit the brakes, also don’t drive if it’s particularly bad. There! That’s driving in the snow 101!!!

also as for why I am on a little later is that I went to kohl’s which was a bad choice for my wallet, I found a ton of awesome ties and I wanted to get a lot, I only bought two, but there was on I really wanted it was really cool, but I knew that I couldn’t wear it so I didn’t get it, so then my comp gets it instead. It looked way awesome but oh well, I got a really nice red paisley and a blue with purple dots. And then to add to the awesomeness of spending money my running shoes are in ruff shape so I bought a new pair of Nikes, which was not cheap either but my other ones were not good, so I will just use those now to do service. But any how I love you miss you hope you have a good week.

Love Elder Dean

Derry, NH #13

Dec. 30, 2013

Hey mum,

I was on family and I found a line that goes all the way back to the kings of troy in 22 BC. I have no clue how true this is but I traced one of the lines on family search to like Jacob and Isaac and Abraham from the bible and it keeps going its saying Enoch and others this is really cool

So the past week was good. After talking to you we had dinner and then went home. After that we just did a lot of finding and knocking, I went to Georgetown on exchange again and so that was fun. We knocked some more doors on Sunday and more finding. We had dinner with one of my favorite families they made us cheeseburgers in crepes it was REALLY good. So that was it really.

Guess what? One of the things that Dad sent me for Christmas was stolen, he said he sent two things but I only got one so that sucks, this apartment really sucks, can you believe people would so that??

I hit my eleventh month mark today, one month and I hit my year mark and from then on I have all my lasts, which is kinda cool, I love being out here and I am really happy and grateful to be serving the Lord and the people in my mission…. But I miss home

Any way Mom, I hope all goes well with your new studio warehouse space and office, that is really cool that you company has gotten big enough to move out of the house.

I love you Mom
Love Elder Dean

Best. Christmas. Gift. EVER.

Christmas Day 2013
First Christmas in the Mission field

Merry Christmas!

Derry, NH #12.... CHRISTMAS EVE!

Dec 24, 2013

IN MY DEFENSE - Bryson said he would not be getting on the computer on Monday!
The following is a string of emails from Bryson......

Merry Christmas Eve MOM!!!

Mom I need your Skype account info or I won’t be able to Skype you tomorrow

MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello?


Hey I am getting off for now but I will get on later so PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

OK thanks – I got your Skype information thanks!!! I might get back on I am actually having district p-day and having a Nerf war and doing other stuff….I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                  
LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I will call around 4 to 5 on CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Derry, NH # 11

Dec. 16, 2013

Hey I just got on we had a really big storm over the weekend no church and we weren’t allowed to drive, a foot or so of snow over night this was our car the next morning 

So this past week not much happened… other then the snow storm (which was cool). The neat thing about it was that it allowed us to just go out and shovel for hours; it was nice to get a really good work out. We spent all day Sunday with the peacock family, we shoveled all of their neighbors and many of the members out!

Sadly, we are still not teaching anyone so that's not to fun, but we are still trying really hard to find someone. At times I feel like the worst missionary ever though, like if I could figure out what to do we would find someone to teach. We just keep on going trying.

So as for next week though I won’t be emailing on Monday, it will maybe be on Tuesday if we get to email at all, I still don't know about that with it being Christmas Eve. As for skypeing and that sort of stuff…. I don't have a time or a place set yet, I have no clue where we will go, but I am sure I’ll find something by next week. um I don't really know how we will Skype I think you have to have an account and all but I don't really know any how it will work.

I love you mom. I miss you

Have a good week I will TALK to you next week

Love Elder Dean