Sunday, January 26, 2014

Derry, NH #15

Jan 6, 2014

Hey mum,

So this past week was good, and yet it really sucked.

It was mostly normal and for the most the week went normal, Wednesday we had pizza hut buffet, and we then went to the church, we are supposed to teach a book of Mormon class on Wednesday but no one showed up. We ended up sitting there and Sister Peacock who is our ward mission leader’s wife was there since the youth had dodge-ball we had ended up talking with her for an hour since no one else came.

On Thursday we had lunch with a member since he was going out of town this weekend and if one of us got transferred he wouldn't be there to say goodbye, then we did service at a soup kitchen and we do that every week Wednesday and Thursday, which is really fun.

After that we went to the Peacock’s for dinner again and to have coordination meeting between us and our ward mission leader, that was a lot of fun, I always love going over to the Peacock’s home, they are a really awesome family.

On Friday we did weekly planning and we were supposed to have a lesson planned with this nonmember who had seemed interested but there was a misunderstanding and we moved the lesson to Saturday. The rest of the day was just had a normal Friday. On Saturday we went to that lesson only he wasn't home. So we worked around the area and then went back and still not home, so we called no answer. The phone was either dead or off. Dang it. By then the Peacocks needed our help moving some wood from their garage to the cellar and stacking it, EVERYONE in New England heats their homes with wood?!?!?!?! Still?!?!? you’d think we were in the eighteen hundreds?!?!? Weird.

But in the process of throwing and stacking wood my companion hits me in the gut full force with a log he threw thinking I was ready….I wasn't. NEXT, he almost got me in the crotch! Then he beams me in the head! (SEE PICTURE!) It was like he was trying to get me?!?!?! After stacking the wood we had dinner with the Peacock family.

After dinner we went home and……. we got a call.
I am being transferred.

Mom that really sucks. I really didn't want to be transferred. I love this area so much, and I really love the members, they are all so amazing especially families like the Peacocks. I have really grown close to everyone and I’m sad I have to leave I felt like crying that night.

On Sunday I said my goodbyes to everyone, which was really rough, and not fun. I really love this ward, then again had dinner with the Peacocks and then came home and now we are here, but it was a long week and kinda depressing but I hope all is good back home I love you mum

Love Elder Dean

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