Sunday, January 26, 2014

Derry, NH # 11

Dec. 16, 2013

Hey I just got on we had a really big storm over the weekend no church and we weren’t allowed to drive, a foot or so of snow over night this was our car the next morning 

So this past week not much happened… other then the snow storm (which was cool). The neat thing about it was that it allowed us to just go out and shovel for hours; it was nice to get a really good work out. We spent all day Sunday with the peacock family, we shoveled all of their neighbors and many of the members out!

Sadly, we are still not teaching anyone so that's not to fun, but we are still trying really hard to find someone. At times I feel like the worst missionary ever though, like if I could figure out what to do we would find someone to teach. We just keep on going trying.

So as for next week though I won’t be emailing on Monday, it will maybe be on Tuesday if we get to email at all, I still don't know about that with it being Christmas Eve. As for skypeing and that sort of stuff…. I don't have a time or a place set yet, I have no clue where we will go, but I am sure I’ll find something by next week. um I don't really know how we will Skype I think you have to have an account and all but I don't really know any how it will work.

I love you mom. I miss you

Have a good week I will TALK to you next week

Love Elder Dean

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