Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bath, Maine #1

Jan 20, 2014

Hey Mum,

So I finally figured out a way to beat you from sending me packages..... I will hold my new address hostage so you can’t send anything unless you PROMISE not to send anything to me anymore!!!!

I will tell you that I was transferred to Topsham Maine and that I am living in the city of Bath. So the funniest thing is you can’t even argue today because my pday got screwed up this week so you don’t even know I’m on!

I’m back to sharing an area again which honestly I really don’t like. The sisters in this area seem to be really great but they not the best at planning so my companion and I sat in the apartment till 115 because they didn’t come pick us up, Bath has nothing. We needed to go shopping and after that we came here to email.

We have a dinner appointment at like 5 so our pday is really short this week. The area is ok so far and my companion seems to be really good. Things are different here. I need to figure out to work with the ward leadership, this ward doesn’t seem to be a cause very “missionary focused” ward and so I have no idea how to work with them and involve them cause they don’t seem to really care.

Don’t get me wrong the ward is super inviting and is REALLY warm when people do come, they are good people so that’s good. It’s just a new situation, that I need to figure out.

Actually one of the best things about this transfer is that my companion is really cool. it’s funny his mom found my blog before he came on his mission and was talking about how funny it would be if he and I ended up being companions and look now we are. There are no real investigators in the area and so it’s the same for me as it was in Derry, although I still miss Derry. It’s all good here… it will be good here.

We get more snow so that’s fun!!!! not.

The new apartment sucks!!! Mom, no lie - Lochlans and my closet back home is twice the size of our kitchen here, so yeah this apartment is SUPER small. Although the lease ends soon so we should be moving… we will see.

Anyway love you glad you love your new puppy.

I love you Mom

Love Elder Dean

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