Sunday, January 26, 2014

Derry, NH # 14

Jan 6, 2014

Hey mum,

So today is way warm, although we got something like 17 inches of snow last week, so that sucked they grounded the cars Thursday and Friday we drove as little as we had to. but it wasn’t to bad, really cold, I was on exchange when the storm hit so I got stuck in Haverhill, Mass for three days, and hadn’t brought my gloves so my hands were frozen the whole time, the temperature never got above 10 for like two days, it sucked, but the roads weren’t to bad, I fished tailed a couple times but I’m getting the hang of it and its almost fun to do it now. and the weather is worse this next week, apparently there is an arctic cold front coming down that is going to send temperatures plummeting, and they are supposed to be way in to the negatives, so that will be fun but last week was ok, I don’t like being in other areas and I ate a crap ton of candy and didn’t get to do insanity for three days so that sucked. I’ve done the t25 a few times and its really awesome thanks so much.

As for the puppy I think she is adorable, I’m sad I’m not there and I think Jemma is the perfect name. so

Transfers are coming up next week so we will see what happens, I don’t want to leave at all, I really like Derry despite how slow it is right now. I really want to stay I love the members especially a few certain families.

The driving in the snow is not bad at all I would send pictures but I left my camera in Georgetown and won't get it back till Wednesday. Driving in the snow not nearly as hard as people make it out to be… just go really slow and if you start to slid out just turn in to it and don’t hit the brakes, also don’t drive if it’s particularly bad. There! That’s driving in the snow 101!!!

also as for why I am on a little later is that I went to kohl’s which was a bad choice for my wallet, I found a ton of awesome ties and I wanted to get a lot, I only bought two, but there was on I really wanted it was really cool, but I knew that I couldn’t wear it so I didn’t get it, so then my comp gets it instead. It looked way awesome but oh well, I got a really nice red paisley and a blue with purple dots. And then to add to the awesomeness of spending money my running shoes are in ruff shape so I bought a new pair of Nikes, which was not cheap either but my other ones were not good, so I will just use those now to do service. But any how I love you miss you hope you have a good week.

Love Elder Dean

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