Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sharon Springs Ward Christmas Party....

At the Sharon Springs ward Christmas party we honoured all of the cute young men and young women serving missions from our ward. There was a picture display and a write up of each missionary. The ward provided the address, and all of the stuff needed to write a letter or card to the missionaries! This was the write up used for ELDER BRYSON SCOTT DEAN

Elder Bryson Scott Dean

Bryson is serving in the Manchester, New Hampshire mission. That means in his own words that he and his companion spend most of their time "finding" or in other words, walking and knocking looking for the "one".
Bryson is the middle child in the mashed up Jackson/Dean mix and the oldest of the 2 Dean boys.
Before his mission Bryson was attending BYU. Bryson wants to be an orthodontist.

Bryson in 3 words... As described by each of his family members:

Joel - Thoughtful, athletic, conscientious
Alexander -  Adrenaline junkie, supportive, expressive
Danielle - 3 words in a sentence  'Totally a babe' OR 3 separate words 'Loving, loyal, laughing'
Christine- Huggable, kind, strong
Lochlan - Mature, fun, friendly
Mom- Honorable, adventurous, humble

Bryson in a nutshell:
He loves....
(not necessarily in this order) his family, rugby, old muscle cars, the Book of Mormon, jumping out of airplanes, dogs, his friends, COD, running, weird and gross food, fireworks, traveling, languages, driving fast, scuba diving, Xbox 360,  roller coasters, more gross foods, reading, sleeping, football, fire, fishing, guns... Well actually any acceptable red neck pastime, diet coke, movies, beef jerky, extreme running /obstacle races, white chocolate, his mom..... He really loves his mom!

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