Sunday, December 15, 2013

Derry, NH - # 8


So this past week was ok, we just did some finding again so not much talking to people really. We still don’t have anyone to teach so that really sucks but we keep looking.

For Thanksgiving this week my companion and I will be going to a members house for dinner so that'll be good and should be fun. For Christmas we have dinner with someone as well. So Christmas day in the mission field is going to be different, it is really supposed to be a regular day except we get to call home, nothing will change…. I’m a little worried.

You know I haven’t had your turkey for like two years I was at college and dads last year and here now. Sad.
Transfer week is this week we get the call on Saturday … so I have no clue what’ll happen.

I love the boxes you send mom.

No I really haven’t eaten anything else crazy…. the moose and squirrel were the weirdest but both tasted good. and i will look for a nativity.

Oh I bought a Nerf guns today just the cheap little ones to mess with.

So yeah not much else
love you mom have a good day

Love, Elder Dean

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