Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Derry, NH - 7


So funny story!

There is an elder who is in this mission and before he came here his mom was reading a blog online of an elder who is currently serving in this mission…… I bet you can’t guess who.... ME!

His mom had been saying how funny it would be if he ended up with me! He didn’t but he was at a meeting I went to on Friday and so he needed a picture with me to send to his mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Although other than that this week has just been the normal everyday routine, we still don’t have anyone to teach and so all our time was spent finding this week. We actually didn’t even teach a single lesson, not even less active or recent convert lessons this week, we just mostly drove and tracted.

We did get fed a lot this week, there is this one really great member - he does a lot with us. This week he took me and an elder I was on exchange with to cracker barrel. He also took me and elder Jensen out for Chinese…. Last week he took us to longhorn steak house AND cracker barrel. Oh my gosh I need to work out.

On Friday we went to this new missionary and trainers meeting up in Manchester, that was a lot of fun and it was good to see president and all the other missionaries. They are now going to be putting chips into every mission car in the world so that adds a huge stress to driving now.

On Saturday a cool thing happened, we were out just tracting and working. We were with a member and we had to use the restroom and so we stopped at this gas station, but they didn’t have one so we went to a restaurant next door, take in mind this is like the only one for maybe 10-15 miles in any direction, and so we go in and use it and the member walks in and sits down and this girl at the counter asks some questions about us, white shirts and ties, and if we are in college or something so he goes on to explain that we are missionaries and when we come out we end up have a thirty minute talk with the people that work there and it was really cool.

But yeah not much else this week love you mum, have a good week.

Love Elder Dean

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