Monday, November 11, 2013

Derry, NH - 5

Hi Mum,

So this week was good. Yes i did get your package i had to pay postage for it so that wasn't good but thanks for all the stuff!

You should only send on package per transfer mum. I don’t need anything.

Things are going good, we don’t have anyone to teach right now… it’s a lot of finding and tracting, so that’s no fun. This week on Thursday we are going to be put on lock down, the whole mission will be put on lock-down, at 5 o'clock because of Halloween. We have been told that we cannot do anything. We pretty much just get to sit in the apartment for like 4 extra hours so that sucks.

Let’s see…. I’m still working out I try to do insanity as much as possible its hard but I get it done, I heard they released a new one recently. Still getting fed a lot in this area which is great!

I hit my nine month mark in like four days can you believe that? things are going good with my new companion he is really good and a way better missionary then I am, but its different because he is deaf, but he has an implant that enables him to hear so that’s really cool. In the mornings when he doesn’t have the implant in I have to wake him up since he doesn’t hear the alarm.

Things are going really good here, hope they are for you too! I love you mum. Talk to you later.

Love Elder Dean

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