Monday, April 21, 2014

February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Hi Mum,

Ok so you haven’t sent the package yet? I thought you had so I’ve been looking for it all week.... ok guess it’ll come this week then.

So I didn’t get transferred this time and neither did my companion, so first time other then training ive had a comp longer then a transfer.

We helped this less active lady set up for a huge fundraising dinner she was having, we set up tables, clean up and moved stuff. We also did dishes and other stuff so yeah it was good! I had a really good time. She made this AMAZING seafood Paella that was UNREAL, she is from Columbia and she makes amazing food and every time we go to her house we leave with so much food in our stomachs! It is GREAT! She served us some of the best paella I’ve ever had …. It was so good. It had octopus and calamari and scallops and mussels and it was AMAZING.

I had this unreal experience while on exchange with my DL this last week, my companion and I had a guy who we thought was a good “potential”. So my DL and I were in this guys house and my DL starts talking about how we have to turn away from sin and this dude blew up. He was also drunk… did I mention that? Anyway he looks at him and says you shut the F up in my house, you f this, and f that. He looks at me and says ‘you never return to my house with this B- word( but not the female dog the other word)’ My my DL is like almost smiling because he is so blown away (NOT because he thinks it is funny) and the guy looks at him and says " stop f-ing smirking at me! I could f you up, do you know that?" Needless to say we got out of there!!!!! But SOOOO crazy!!!! it was ridiculous!!!!! Never going back there in my whole entire life!

I bought protein powder this week, and PowerAde, and mangos, and Greek yogurt, and turkey and cheese and a scale and a black light bulb, and....... I think that’s it

oh yeah and we had dinner this week with a family the Norton’s and they were awesome, they have five kids, all under ten and they are awesome just crazy running around the house jumping all over us and Sister Norton I swear she is like a twin to Sister Puzey, looks really similar and just awesome like her, but yeah

So mum I’m pretty sure our house is the coolest one in the entire area, even my friends would always come over there and always say that it was the best. I loved how you trusted us to know and do what was right and if we mess up there was always a consequence…. but you always had so much trust in us. I think your trust and not really having rules that we had to follow was probably the best thing in the world for me. Personally because I knew you trusted me I had no desire to rebel and I did what was right because I wanted to keep your trust.

I love being here on my Mission, I love the gospel so much.
I love you mum.

Love Elder Dean

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