Monday, April 21, 2014

April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hi mum,

So this has been a really good week. We were REALLY feed a TON this week! We had big meals every single day, Indian on Monday from a sweet family the Mullins, Chilean food, on Tuesday, the burritos on Wednesday, we took it easy Thursday and then another member meal Friday. We went to Five Guys before the priesthood session on Saturday and then a ward potluck on Sunday between sessions, so TONS tons of food both me and my comp feel gross. It’s a good thing this is not how it is every week or I would be the size of a house by the end of my mission. We have an apartment on the second floor so I am not able to do insanity, but luckily the weather has started to warm up so I will be able to start running more often.

Oh as for transfers my companion is leaving and I’m staying, so that’s good. That is SO crazy that there is three sets of missionaries in our ward now, I can’t believe that! that is crazy!!!!!! Holy cow that is so many!!!!! I can’t believe that.

This week I realized how long I have been on my mission, I’ve seen 3 conferences on my mission, when the next one comes on I will only have 3 months left - how crazy is that!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Time for me mom has gone SOOOOOO fast it really does feel like only yesterday that I entered the mtc. One of the crazest things is that out of my district from the mtc four elders came to this mission. There was 20 something that came out with me, but 4 from my mtc district. So out of those 4 - two went home so from my district its only me and one other elder left. The coolest thing is he is a zone leader who just happens to be over my zone! This past week it was awesome, I got to go on exchange with him! It was sweet just remembering the mtc and how much time has passed. It was really fun.

I loved conference! I thought it was really good, I loved elder Oaks talk in priesthood on women and the priesthood, it was UNREAL!!!!!!!!! SO cool!!!!!!!! You should totally watch it!!!!!! but yeah not much else this week. I got Greek yogurt this week in shopping, I have started buying it every week, since I’m trying to eat healthier.

oh and the sisters gave me and my comp these notebooks they made – they are really great. I forgot to bring pics with me to the library, but they made them as a thank you for all we did for them this past transfer, which was cool!

I love that I was able to watch conference! I love that I am on a mission, I am so grateful to be here mom.

Yeah love you mom have a good week!!!!
love elder dean

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