Monday, April 7, 2014

February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014


This past week was good, on my birthday we had a CRAZY storm and I was on exchange with another missionary (I really don’t like exchanges. You know I don’t like talking bad about anyone but I just don’t understand this Elder that I was on exchange with. He seems to have no desire to work or go out at all. Ever. All he does is dwell on home and what he’s left behind and girls, like 24/7. There is no happiness in that, no peace, no sense of satisfaction in your work when that’s all you think,

This work that we do requires all our time and attention, when the lord called us he asked for all our heart, might, mind, and strength. To serve with only might and strength doesn’t cut it, He wants it all every ounce of what He’s already given us He wants us to willing lay it on the table before Him and say,

"Here, here is all that I have. Take it and me and make what you can out of it"

That’s the only way that we can ever become all that the Lord intends for us to be. So I don’t understand at all when a missionary is out here and does not seem to understand he needs to WORK.

For instance on my birthday a snow storm came and grounded all cars, which shot my plans for the day and killed them dead! We were stuck in bath and that was that. Ok I work with what I have, obviously there is a reason for that. We could walk around our apartment. We went Mcdonalds for lunch and after that walked home. I decided we could shovel walk ways. We came inside to grab the shovels and he proceeds to take 3 hours to "warm-up". AHHHHHHHHHHH

I pace around wanting to leave and work, but no he sits and warms up wanting to play monopoly???!!!??!?!?!!!

Finally we get back out shovel the walkway and then walk around. Honestly I didn’t plan the greatest so it wasn’t the best time usage but i was working and making up the plan as I went along. I was happy, he was not.

I was just messing around and told him to lick a pole…..

We’ve all see the Christmas Story, or at least I thought we all had……

So he in a completely idiotic way, licks a pole. Yes he did.

And can you guess what happened? It grabbed his tongue and he was stuck!

So I’m dying laughing because …. well WHO WOULD DO SOMETHING SO STUPID? 
He is stuck for like 5 minutes trying to pull it off finally he gets it off…….well most of it, he left some of his tongue behind and it bled. He claims medical emergency and we go in for another four hours, crap.

The whole day he was complaining saying stuff like “The mission grounds cars and says work well”

“why don’t they worry about hypothermia” on and on and on he complained alllllll day. And I just wanted to yell "be happy you are serving the Lord!!!!" even thought the conditions were not the greatest I was happy to be working and doing what I could as little as it was.

Ok enough of me complaining, because Thursday made up for that completely, we got to go to Augusta!! for zone conference and it was AMAZING!!!! I saw Elder Thomas, Elder Terry and Elder Whitehead!! so that was already awesome and then President stoker taught on this talk about becoming the forth missionary and I will send it to you after this, its long but you should read it, it is so great. and zone conference just made me look inward and see all the many things that I needed to change and fix about myself and how much better I needed to become and that’s all I want to do is be the best that I can be with the lords help. He taught on how we need to surrender our will to the lord we need to go before him and stop fighting on the inside and just work and do our best and how that is the only way that everything will ever work out. Then at the end of zone conference a sister i knew kinda got up and she had to bear her testimony because she was going home for medical reasons and not coming back. And that was really powerful and just how she was so changed by everything. I don’t know it s a great because of all the things i learned. Hope you had a good week.

love you

love elder dean

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