Monday, April 21, 2014

April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hey Mum,

Hey so that sounds fun with girls camp and all that, It should be a good year.

You will never guess what happened this week though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we got a referral last week for a girl, going to college,(we live in a college town) I called the number and she was willing to set up a time! On the phone I asked some questions as to why she was meeting with the missionaries and she said she had a friend serving a mission, I thought nothing of it and THEN!!! …. We went and taught her on Thursday and picked her up as a new investigator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway as I was talking with her and asking her some questions I asked her about her friend who is serving a mission. It turned out that her friend is serving in the Lyon France mission! I said I have a friend there and she asked what her name was and I told her that it was Tori Beeny and she was like no way! I have seen that name on my friends mission blog!!!!!! So Tori knows this girls friend!!!!!!!!!! Way cool!!! Anyway we taught her and she is now and investigator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is 19 and going to college. She seemed to be way interested, she was all over and she has watched a ton of videos, and she really seems to be golden!!!!!!!!!! So hopefully something comes of this.....

Grant sent two pictures in the past two weeks of his three baptisms per week he has had…. I am happy for him. I just wish I could maybe have one. oh well.....

I got really sick this week, I mean really sick. I threw up so many times and couldn’t eat at all and was just crappy, I lost ten pounds in two days, it was bad, I felt so gross, for two days all I ate was like a bowl of soup and I had to muscle that down, even the thought of eating made me want to puke, ugh!!!!!! I am happy to say that I am all better now!!

Lochlan wants a long board? That was something I was not into... interesting. But cool.

My new companion is super awesome, he and I are a lot alike, I don’t want to curse it yet but he seems really good, He is from Grand Junction Colorado and he is just a good guy. He is waiting for his visa to Brazil.

I spent a ton of money on food today, 65 bucks, yikes but I needed what I got, chicken and milk and spices and some can goods, and just a lot. I got this interesting thing, its powdered peanut butter, they press all the oil out and so its healthier and I am going to use it in shakes and stuff only problem is it is expensive.. oh well!!

Well that is it from me hope you have a good week mom!

I really love you

love elder dean

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