Monday, April 7, 2014

Feb. 03, 2014

Feb. 03, 2014


So I have come to the conclusion that Maine is where all the disobedient missionaries go. I miss Derry New Hampshire.

I went on exchange this past week from Monday till Wednesday in Yarmouth, Maine and it was the most useless time ever. We did absolutely nothing except for appointments We did not do anything like service or ANYTHING useful. Truthfully I don’t even really remember what we did, all I know is that we simply walked (we didn’t even knock) and that was it. was. a. waste. of. time.

For the rest of the week, we worked but not much. On Thursday, or as you call it “my hump day” we actually did not go out. I ended up sitting inside the apartment literally the whole day. My companionhad the stomach flu or something i dont know, but he was sick. So I sat and studied all day long…. it was an all too familiar reminder of that time period at the beginning of my mission that I hope to never relive again. However, I did get a few pictures of me in the shirt and with the camel you sent me… but it’s me sitting there just study allllllllll day long...............

This area is different Derry, all we ever do is visit the same people (members) and that’s it, I feel like that’s what the elders before me have have done for a while, which is one reason there are no investigators, they haven’t tried to find any. So hopefully in the next week I can change that and we can find more or at least work more cause I fell like I’m wasting time. I don’t want to waste the Lords time.

Oh also is there a family with the last name Tufts in our ward?! Because a member here came up to me and said her friend messaged her and said her friend’s son just got transferred to Topsham? So I am assuming that is me.

On the fourteenth I will be moving apartments the lease on the one we are in has expired so that’s fun, I am really excited to get out of this apartment…. it is bad.

So not much else to say, still just doing the same stuff here, spent 50 bucks on groceries today, I got a 9 dollar tub of Greek yogurt , why? Because it’s SOOOOO good! I don’t even care that in 3 weeks I’ll be cursing myself when I have no money left! oh well.

love you!!!!! have a good week,

love elder dean

ps oh heard the weather was awful there, sorry!

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