Wednesday, August 28, 2013

24 - Sanford, Maine

Hey mom,
I am glad that you had an good week. Things here are good.

I realized this week that I suck at budgeting and I am pretty much out of money on my support card…. so it’s been a lot of dried stuff from the BACK of the cupboard… YUM! This will continue until September - when I will budget A LOT better then I did this month.

I saw the picture of you and the launcher that Joel sent and your hair is really long!! And also you should smile :)

That’s funny though that Lochlan likes the stake dances and he goes to them all the time…. he really is the odd ball in the family!

I am grateful that the Sherbert’s son is doing better, talk about a scary thing to go through. Things are going good with the new companion, and we are working hard together. So that means we are doing a lot of walking!

This morning while running I tripped and twisted my ankle and got a pretty big gash in my hand and skinned the whole side of my leg and knee so that’s no fun and on Saturday I got super sick, I had like flu symptoms, so I went to bed a little early having the chills I kept waking up during the night either cold or drenched in sweat. When I woke up the next morning I was feeling fine, so that’s good.

It’s true I have been here in Sanford a really long time and I don’t want to leave. I feel like I will be this next transfer so I don’t know we will see what happens.

The two investigators are doing well and still progressing which is awesome. Anyway this past week has been pretty good, things are just moving along the way they should.

Anyway I love you mom

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