Sunday, August 11, 2013

22 Sanford, Maine


Hey so I am not moving still in Sanford. I am losing my companion which sucks. I am being made senior companion which means THAT I WILL BE DRIVING NOW!!!! so cool.

that’s awesome that you got to see Danielle it’s been a long time since she was in Georgia, yeah go ahead and give her my phone I don’t care at all.

That’s really awesome to hear about the table - that will look really cool when it is done. Summer ended really fast didn’t it? That is so awesome to hear about Devon and Sister Wall.

This week really we started teaching two new people but one is a really bad alcoholic and drunk always so that’s fun. However, it’s still nice to finally teach someone. On Friday we went to Exter for stake youth conference and we helped teach the youth a bunch of stuff, it was really fun. We went out on a kinda of a tracting thing with the youth after …. we just went out and went door to door giving out Lindt chocolate bars with a little card that said “thanks for being our next door neighbor” it was a cool experience.

Something cool about this week – I learned how to put a hard wood floor down on Saturday. It was actually fun and really interesting …. now sadly I’m really sore

Yeah not much else this week. Sorry for how short the email is. I love you mum.

Love Elder Dean
 This is a picture of my last companion, Elder Terry - I really liked him

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