Sunday, August 11, 2013

23 Sanford, Maine


School started today right? Hope Lochlan enjoys being in high school.

Things are going good here, and we are having a good time, my new companion is Elder Whitehead he came out a transfer after me. He is a good elder; he is a little bit..... different but he works hard and I am glad to have him for a companion.

Not much really happening here in Sanford… we tracted a lot, I mean A LOT!!!!! That’s all we really ever do. We tracted some streets in cities like Lebanon and Alfred, Deshon Hill rd, and Depot rd.

GOOD NEWS! I DROVE this week!!! It was really fun - I miss driving. I found a 1948 edition of the hymn book and it is the one that still has “Come thou Font of Every Blessing” how cool is that? We have an electric keyboard here in the apartment and I have been trying to teach myself to play the piano.

I suck

But it gives me something to do during the off times.

Granddad sent me a letter and said he was using my talk in a ton of different things…. I know that you said it was a good talk, but you are my mom. I just don’t think it was good. I wish it was better.

Any way Mom, I really love you.

Love Elder Dean

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