Wednesday, August 28, 2013

25 - Sanford, Maine

Hey Mom,

So the two people that we are teaching are doing really well. Melanie is progressing and she comes to church. Jimmy her husband is still struggling because he is an alcoholic, he has not made it to church yet, but he still sits in on the lessons and you can tell that he feels the spirit but he hasn’t gone beyond that.

Yeah it’s been two weeks so far with my companion and it feels like I’ve had a ton of them, counting elder rice I’ve had six in just under 6 and a half months, which seems really crazy and like a lot!

That is really funny that the Sister Missionary in your ward knows elder Thomas. I haven’t seen him in like three months though so it’s been a while. I haven’t seen Elder Wells in two months; I don’t really see them that often once they are transferred. I think I get to see Elder Terry on Wednesday we have zone conference, so far though this companionship is ok, he is different but he works hard and he is good elder so it’s not bad. That’s also really cool that there is four missionaries in the ward now, here they have five in our ward the sisters are in a trio.

That is cool about your last wedding, I am glad that the flowers turned out beautiful.

About my friends from high school, the guys and I write weekly which is really cool and I love to hear from them. The girls are hit and miss, not too often I guess…..Which I guess I could look at it as it just helps me focus more by not getting a bunch of people writing me. And it makes it really exciting when I do get a letter!

This week though was mostly tracting every day we walked at least ten miles every day. We tracted in towns such as Shapleigh, Ross corner rd and Nason rd, and Lebanon on Chick rd, that’s really all we do just walk for the most part. The BEST part is when we do get to drive at least I get to be the driver!! I miss driving a lot! Honestly it is really hard… we are not supposed to speed but the speed limits here in Maine are so much lower than anything in Georgia or Utah so I have to be really careful and keep checking my speed. I can’t even follow traffic because it’s not like any of the New England people follow the posted traffic limits. I struggle with constantly going over. Dang it.

We had a dinner at a members house for like the first time in FOR EVER this week and it was at the Lances. Brother Lance is hundred percent Native American he is really fun to talk to. He is really big into scouts and stuff like that. He told me about some sweet places to go scuba diving when I get home. I have tons of things I want to do like the pineapple picking and just a ton of other stuff that you hear from the members and the people that you meet out here.

I love you mom and miss you so much hope you have a good week and thank you for that envelope.

Love Elder Dean

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