Tuesday, June 4, 2013

15 - Sanford, Maine


Hey mom, I am glad to hear that all is going good out in Savannah and that you are enjoying it. Lochlan is so funny – I love Georgia. I don’t think that the mosquitoes are that bad.

Sounds like girls camp is coming together. I think that girl’s camp has a ton of amenities…. personally I think that you should have them do the type of camping that I like to do – have them hike out into in to the middle of nowhere with only the stuff they can carry…. I bet they won’t worry about not having cots then!

Yes mom, I did know you could eat whole crabs. In fact I do it all the time when I get sushi, its good. The low country boil you made sounds really good.

I got the package on Saturday! Thank you although I won’t be able to wear the American Eagle tie – it is too extreme.

Yes because my companion does not like to bike we walk…..we walk a ton! Mostly all we do is walk. I am glad the missionaries in your ward call you to drive them or to feed them dinner. I try not to call the members in our ward for anything other than for them to teach with us. I only call them if I absolutely have to, even when dinner appointments fall through we just figure out something to eat in the apartment. There is no one serving a mission from the Sanford ward right now.

So far I have been to Exter Maine and Somersworth New Hampshire. All of the other elders that I served with on splits were really good. No, I’m not worried of the new mission president – I think that it will be cool.

Did you hear Cameron got to Czech? He said it was absolutely stunning and beautiful so that’s really cool for him, I am glad he made it there safely.

There is not much from my end, we didn’t really leave the apartment that much this week. My companion is sick or something… I don’t really know. But he generally doesn’t even wake up till like10 and I am up every morning by 6:30. We don’t do much other then go to scheduled appointments and dinners so honestly mom I think that sucks, I just sit in the apartment and read or stare at walls; this is not why I am out here. I have watched the all the church videos that we have in the apartment over and over. This transfer is really dragging on and on Mom.

We did get to go and do service on the horse farm. It was really hard sweaty work so I had fun. We just helped move a ton of sawdust from a big trailer to a stall in the barn. They use the sawdust in the stalls for the horses. It was fun.

I really love you mom. I miss you a ton.

I Love you hope all is well and having fun miss you tell everyone hi

Love Elder Dean

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