Monday, May 20, 2013

13 - Sanford Maine!



So this week I had the worst numbers thus far on my mission (they WILL BE the worse numbers I EVER have) I only taught one lesson, which is hard because I came out here TO TEACH and instead we spend most of our time tracting. The one lesson we did have was when I was on exchange … so I didn't even get to teach it.
Thursday had to be the slowest day ever in my LIFE, my companion was sick or something and he couldn't do anything. He passed out for almost the whole day; well it was the WHOLE DAY. I just read magazines and Jesus the Christ and paced the apartment for the entire day and did nothing - we didn't leave the apartment. This is the second time this has happened to me,  Elder Thomas got sick once as well, he slept for like half the day…. am I weird or something because I’m never tired - at all. Except when I need to exercise in the morning, then I’m always tired!

So any way Thursday was a total wash, Friday was our weekly planning and then we just tracted. Saturday was actually really fun, unproductive but FUN! We did service for a member, he has a small farm, not enough to make money but big enough for the purpose of food for the family. He has 7 girls and no sons. We helped him out around the yard, stacked wood (that’s how they heat homes here!) some other stuff. After that we went and helped out a potential and that took all day - literally all day! It was a long, fun day and it was fun to be out of a suit! The member with the farm is getting pigs this week! I am excited to go see them, farms are kinda cool! I decided I am going to go hunting when I get home to Georgia.

Cool thing - I found out how to make like a whole pig smoker out of like an old oil storage container, not a drum, but a storage container…. its weird they use oil to heat homes here as well, cool huh?

My companion is really awesome he is from like the Moab Utah area and he is really awesome. He is a farm boy and he gets along with the people out here really well because of those skills and stuff.

Oh guess what? A lady from our ward made FRIED DANDELION HEADS?!?!?! Crazy! They are so good!!!!!!!

Gosh just don’t eat one raw picked straight from the ground…. that’s not so good.

About Rico (our sort of investigator), this was an interesting  week, so Elder Wells and Elder Guthrie went there for a scheduled appointment, someone (not Rico) answered the door and said it was a joke to tell the us to come and that Rico really didn't want us to come. So they left, but later that night Rico, called and said he had seen on his video cameras what happened and that guy who answered the door didn't speak for him. So we set another time and he said he would come to the church to meet us. So we went to the church at appointment time and waited for an hour and half for him and he didn't show up. We got a call from him that night and he said his car had broken down on the way down to the church. That he had to hike back home to tell us he couldn't come and that because of this he knew that there was evil in the world doing this and he was even more determined to talk with us now!!!!! So that is freaking sweet huh?!?! I know right!!! Legit!!! But yeah seriously AWESOME!!!

It is crazy how much has happened since last year alone, and it went way fast,( hopefully the next two go by fast as well), I don’t need anything else mom. You don’t need to send anything. I am fine… although you should see the dress pants and tie I got form Marshall's - they are sweet! I also got cologne for 40 bucks FOR ALL OF IT! I know right!! That’s crazy!

That is awesome that lady had fun at the park I miss her. I am glad she is still able to do some things. That is awesome for Alexander and the potential job. I will pray for him.

Tell Lochlan that he needs to look in his email. I am writing him a letter…. I miss him.

I miss you mom, so much and love you so much more. Hope all is going well with the youth in our ward, its a good ward.

I love you mom miss you!


Elder Dean

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