Monday, May 20, 2013

12 - Sanford Maine!

Hi mom,

It’s weird writing you right after talking to you yesterday for the first time in like three months… but its good I guess.

So the investigators name is Rico, maybe at least that’s how I think you spell it. My new companions name is elder wells, and so far its good, I really like him.

So honestly I don’t do a whole lot with the youth of this ward, we are generally teaching or doing some sort of meeting on Wednesday night. There is one young man who we are trying to get to come out tracting with us – because his mom wants him to and so do the YM leaders.

We are going to the horse farm next week to see if we can do service there. We are going to check with them to see if they need help rebuilding the fences or something like that, that should be fun.

Did I tell you we were tracting one day and we went to a house, a woman answered and said maybe some other time. We stared to walk across the street to a guy sitting on his front porch having a cigarette. As we were just about to him a man popped his head out of the house we just left and yelled

“RUN DAN, RUN!” we started to laugh. We went up any way and started to talk to the guy. After a bit the guy from the first house stuck his head out again and yelled:

“YOU WEREN'T FAST ENOUGH!!” It was really funny.

Another time when we were tracting we started to talk to this guy who had NOT ONE BUT TWO!!! Red with white racing stripes, Shelby GT’s! One was a 2008 and the other was a 2014!!! SERIOUSLY!?!?!!!How cool! Don’t worry I got pictures! I will send some home soon!

Can you believe that I have been out on my mission for 4 months? I’m not going to lie its hard - but mom despite how hard it is I LOVE IT. I feel so… I don’t know, I feel so much More…. different. I am glad I am here. I am glad I am on a mission.

I am going on exchange to Exter tonight and tomorrow because my companion is a district leader and the Zone leaders go on exchanges with all of the district leaders so I will be with one of the elders from Exter… or wherever.

Don’t worry I did get a picture with my first companion. I promise I will get pictures with all of my companions, don’t worry about that I will always get one. I miss the kid (Lochlan), I miss everyone.

For district Pday we played basketball and volley ball. It was Awesome!

Love elder dean

PS. There is an awesome video on

It has a really great quote:

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”

I love you mom

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