Wednesday, June 26, 2013

18 - Sanford, Maine


Mom first off did you see Connor was called to Argentina??!!??!!, Cool huh?!!!!!

So I got a new companion. Sanford also got a new sister missionary. As far as my new companion goes he seems really nice, and he seems like he will be easy to work with. He seems a lot more willing to go out and do work so that would be nice. It has gotten really hot and very humid here the past couple weeks this is NOT suit kinda weather… so I have been kinda miserable I’m sweating SO much, and wearing a collared shirt and long pants that don’t really breathe doesn’t help. However, there’s not really anything I can do to change the situation so I guess it doesn’t really matter. It is better than snow!

Home is always there in the back of my mind, although I also dread the day my mission is over and I have to go home once I’m released. Really I feel like there is no winning with this…. . I worry about my family so much. I can NOT believe that so much flooding has happened in Southern Alberta that’s just unreal. I hope Hunny and Granddads house is ok. I am so glad that everybody in the family is safe.

I am really glad that camp worked out so well. I am glad the girls were good and that they said they loved it. That is cool that Connor went up to help you set up, I wish I could have gone up to help set up and help you get ready.

Lochlan is going to LOVE EFY. I am glad that he is going. I am also glad that Alexander got a job that’s really awesome, what’s he going to do?

The broadcast was really awesome, I am glad that you went. I’m excited to get president stoker he comes in five days and so it will be exciting to see the changes that he brings with him. You know Mom honestly I wish that I had gone to more devotional stuff growing up, so far on my mission I have learned so much by going to those and participating. It was a really good broadcast. I didn’t see Tori during the broadcast either. I did my mission president and his wife during the time when Elder Tom Perry was speaking though.

Random boring things…. so for breakfast this morning I had cereal, I bought honey bunches of oats coconut and mango flavor and had that. I had a lot of money left this week because I did really buy to much the rest of the month I had 60 bucks left for one week so I was able to splurge! We get paid on Friday. We didn’t have any member meals this week, but that’s ok I just ate things like pasta and pb and j, not very healthy but it’s what I had.

This week we did service for the ward. On July 20th they are having a “step back in time party” where they built a village and it will replicate life way back when. We went and helped build that, not much else though.

Thank you for emailing the pictures they are really cool, I was glad to see some of my old friends, Cameron and Grant seem to be doing good I talk to them every week.

Mom I love you and miss you

I miss everyone else too

Thank you for all you do mom, miss you and talk to you next week.

Love Elder Dean

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