Tuesday, June 11, 2013

16 - Sanford


I got your letter and I will take your advice.

We didn’t tract at all this week we just went to appointments mostly and visited a few less actives, the rest of the time my companion would take naps and sleep. I don’t know if he is sick or what is going on, but last week and this week he has slept almost the whole time. So since I’m not sick and I can’t sleep because I would feel like I would be breaking the rules I sit in the apartment and study and read the scriptures, or Jesus the Christ or watch church videos….. It has been a very long week. 

My companion is a district leader and he had me do his “call ins”. Because he is a district leader he gets calls from all the other missionaries and reports to the zone leaders so since he said he didn’t feel good and wanted to take a nap he had me do it. It was a fun new experience.

We had dinner at my favorite members house the other day! It was SO good they made burgers and a really good cake since it was Sister J’s birthday on Friday.

That is so cool that you saw Katie,  that is really cool that she might live in the King Henry. I am going to move back into king Henry when I get back from my mission. It is the best bang for your buck, and the ward was the BEST.

The weather has started to warm up here! Want to know something strange? No one here uses central air-conditioning. It can get really hot in the apartment during the day. Like up to 90 degrees.

I miss lady, how is she doing?

That is so cool that Grandma Jackson brought rhubarb all the way from Utah. a member gave us some right from her garden and we ate it raw it was really good. Honestly mom not much happened this week. We had interviews with President Wilkey, I am sad, that will probably be the last time I see him. He was a really good mission president.

I love you, talk to you next week.

love elder dean

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