Monday, April 29, 2013

10th Letter from Sanford, Maine

Hi Mom

Ok so I am really jealous of Christine right now! I want to be on a cruise – bet it would be easier than a mission. Missions are not that easy … at all.

The worst part about a mission is the suits! I hate suits so much. If I can help it after my mission I will never again wear one (except to go to church). Biking in a suit is absolutely terrible. You get so hot and you sweat so much, even when you are wearing just your short sleeve white dress shirt and a pair of dress pants you sweat… constantly.

I don’t understand why Lochlan wouldn't want to go on his 8th grade trip, that’s just weird?!?!?! He would rather go to school?!?!? WHY?!?!?!

I can’t believe that every one of you forgot about Lady and that you left her outside in the rain all night! My poor dog!!! I miss her.

That is good to hear about Mandy and how she is doing so well on her mission.

It would have been nice to be home and help out with the weddings. Strangely, I miss that, I really miss helping you guys set up for the weddings and seeing it all come together.

I don’t really know what else to include, I don’t really have much from this week. Not much happened this week, we had lots of canceled lessons and did a lot of tracting. We biked 13 miles on Thursday from our apartment into South Lebanon and tracted and then on Friday we were picked up and we biked from the middle of Acton Home, 21 miles and then another 8 on Saturday. So in three days we biked over 40 miles. I have to tell you the seat on my bike is so hard it is unreal! My butt was numb by the time we got home.

One funny thing that happened while we were out tracting is we have an investigator who doesn't know much about Christ. We were telling how him some of the basics about the Savior, how His mother was the Virgin Mary, things like that. When he heard the Saviors Mother’s name was Mary he became really excited and said "whoa" Mary-Anne is my mother’s name!" Honestly it seemed like the next thing he was going to say was that he must be Christ then. He didn't, but it was really funny how excited he was.

Today is district pday and we are even more rushed then usual so I need to get off now. I’m sorry. I love you mom

Love Elder Dean

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  1. Oh the joy of missions. He needs to be careful about comments about wearing suits. God's sense of humor will make him a Bishop then at an early age with that attitude! Please tell him mom, we are proud of him and grateful for his example, numb bum and all!