Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sanford, Maine

Fun Facts About Sanford, Maine:
  • Sanford, Maine is a city in York County, Maine, US 
  • Sanford was purchased by Major William Phillips in 1661 from Fluellin, an Abenaki chief. 
  • It was first known as Phillipstown. 
  • The area was permanently settled in 1739. 
  • The town was officially incorporated in 1768. It was named in the honor of Peleg Sanford, the then governor of Rhode Island. 
  • It became a major textile manufacturing center after the Civil War. 
Things to do in Sanford, Maine: 
  • There are several parks and playgrounds at Sanford. 
  • The town also offers easy access to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, the Wentworth State Park and the Vaughan Woods State Park. 
  • One can enjoy shopping at the Mid-Town Mall Shopping Center.
Facts found HERE:
What a beautiful and great place for Bryson to start his mission out in!! 
A few old images of Sanford, Maine

(To see some great current pictures of Sanford, Maine go HERE)

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