Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First Area!

The mission president emailed today! 
He was letting us know where Bryson's first area will be. 
His mission covers a large area so we were taking guesses as to where he would end up! 

3 States, with a bit of both Massachusetts and New York and a TINY bit of New Brunswick, Canada
He will be serving in Sanford Maine. If you would like to write him his apartment address is:
Elder Bryson Scott Dean
833 Main St Apt C
Sanford ME 04073-3761

Elder Dean's first apartment

The city of Sanford (it became a city in 2013) is only 15 miles from the coast
The ward building he will be going to is 2 miles away. Right across from a Walmart.

The area covered by the Sanford,  ME Ward 

The Sanford, ME ward building

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