Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2nd Letter!

Gosh this is one of my favorite days just because I get to reply to your letters. I am going to try respond to all your questions and write as much as possible but I still have to write to dad and I have only a little time to write an email.

This week was much better, I like the MTC now, this place is amazing you can almost always feel the spirit in here. My teachers are the best; they are all so amazing at teaching us. As far as my companion goes though it hasn’t gotten much better, he is just so rude and sarcastic. I have to pray all the time for patience, I pray to have a Christ like love for him (hard to do) because my teacher taught us that if you don’t your companionship will never work. I do love him it is just hard not to snap at him when he is being so rude. He seems to be the rudest to women in general which really irritates me. Anyway, my district is the BEST! My two other roommates, Elder Harper and Elder Uhl are so awesome! I really love them. We have four sisters in our district and they are all so awesome, they bring a different spirit to the room.

Teaching our "investigators" is going ok… it is extremely hard. I am learning a ton though. Do you want to know the best thing ever? It is that Spencer Farley is in my building and in my gym time so I see him a ton. I get to work out with him almost every day , it helps so much to see him. The food here still suck just as much this week as it did last week though - it makes everyone who eats it so gassy its unreal! My companion pooped three times in one day after each meal!!! CRAZY!

One of the sisters is having problems with her gallbladder because she is not really use to this much grease and processed foods. They are probably going to have to take it out. I feel really bad for her, even though that sucks for her - it was still really cool because she asked me to give her a blessing! Which was awesome, it was only the second one that I have done (Lochlan being the first)

Sadly I had to get my haircut here in the MTC. I felt like screaming when I saw it. I will send you pictures in a couples weeks when I can. Seriously the woman used the clippers on a 1 on the sides and back, it is so short, shorter then I have ever had it.... except that one time when you messed up cutting my hair. Tell Christine that I have to shave every day, so when I get back home I am growing out my beard again and it is going to be ever MORE AWESOME!!!!!
I get to call you when I am in the airport I leave at 640 AM so I might call around 5ish I don’t know and I am really sorry for how early it will be. I am excited to get out into the mission field.

I am sorry I don’t have a lot of time to write you - I wish I had more but I love you mom and miss you so much I will send pictures soon. Tell everyone hi for me and that I love hearing from them and that I miss home!

LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!!! Love Elder Dean

PS. Mom, sorry but there were a few more things that I wanted to say…. mostly the food here sucks! Also can you send me a photo book with some pictures of friends, family and other stuff when I get to the mission field? I would really love that. Mom I love you so much you have no idea.

Love Elder Dean

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