Monday, September 30, 2013

3 Derry, NH

Hey Mom,

So I got the package and thanks for all the stuff,

I haven't yet eaten the bugs - I will take pictures of me eating them when I do though.

Lochlan really is really funny. That is crazy that CR just got home from his mission. Connor is really ready to leave for his mission. He will be good out there, it’s crazy though that he will leave and I will almost be at my year mark, in fact he might not even be in the field when I will hit my year mark. It kinda sucks that I will get home such a long time before him.

Thank you for keeping a list of the movies that are coming out, I have heard of some of the movies that have come out during my mission, I try not to notice them.

Mom, things here are going really good. My companion and I are doing really well together and I really like this ward… it is a great ward! Things are good.

One thing I forgot to mention last week I gave another talk - so that makes four in eight months.

Guess what today is? Today is my eight month mark, one third of my mission is finished, that is SO CRAZY.

We are teaching a little bit and things are good, our one investigator is progressing he has been without smoking for two weeks and so I am pretty sure that he will be baptized but we will have to see.

So these computers here are really weird, they shut off and most times we don’t even get a full hour, so yeah. It’s been a good week. Time is really flying right now, already I am half way through this transfer Not much else happened this week hope all is great with you.

I love you mom

Love Elder Dean

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