Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2 Derry, New Hampshire


Hey, so things this past week have been going really good, it’s crazy, the members here feed us SO MUCH in this area. My companion has some terrible allergies and he just always seems ready to die when we run the short distance so sadly I am not able to run as much.

BOTH my companion and I are out of money for the month so we can’t get any food so it is a good thing the members feed us…. WHY are we out of money? You will never guess what happened. We came home one evening later then normal and the latch on the door was locked, which was weird because I never lock that lock, I only ever lock the dead bolt. So we go to the windows, because we had no key for the latch, and tried all the windows - luckily we had left one unlocked so I was able to hope in and unlock the door … We thought that was it. However, the next morning my companion was going through everything and notices things are out of place and missing and his suit cases are all opened – he just started freaking out. I just thought he was a nut job. but when I went I checked my wallet I noticed that I was missing all my money and my subway gift card. That is when we realized that we had been robbed the day before and that was why the latch was locked. So I had all my support money stolen. Which was awesome! Nothing else was taken but I was so freaking pissed off! I was furious all day, I was so MAD. I have calmed down now but it still sucks. Yeah.

My companion REALLY likes to talk. Which is good and bad, New Englanders also really like to talk. So it is really difficult when we go to members houses for meals. I am always struggling to get us out at the time that we are supposed to. I feel like after Sanford where we never went to members homes for meals here we use up so much precious time just sitting and chatting with members, it’s hard to find the balance.

It’s starting to get really cool here and I’m really really excited for the fall weather to come to New England! I am NOT excited for the snow, i hate snow.

I has been really good to come to Derry, we taught out one investigator last week and so that was really good! He committed to a baptismal date, but he is really addicted to smoking he has been smoking since he was 13. So it’s hard for him but he comes to church and he gave us his cigarettes and his lighter last week. So that was good, pray for him.

This past weekend we went to this thing called Derry-fest. We spent the whole day just sitting there handing out cards inviting people to church, it was fun.

So this ward has a ton of these recent converts and they are the sickest people on the face of the planet! They are all so awesome, one of them named Brandon he is 18 and a senior in high school. He was just baptized in June and he is amazing! I love him so much he is so rock solid and loves the gospel and he plans to serve a mission after graduating and he is so cool, he plays music and guitar and he is just amazing and he is the best people person and he will be an amazing missionary.

Man, I hope I remembered everything I wanted to tell you, I am running out of time. I will try to email the Sister missionary back but if I run out of time tell her I said I was sorry these computers are so dumb, they lock you out after an hour.

Mom I love u so much. Ahh, I am really trying to remember everything I feel like I am forgetting things but these computer can cut your time short its weird. I want to still write dad so I need to go.

I love you I’ll send pictures soon.

Also last question is grannies moms name Eveyln Jeanette Frieholtz? I am trying to use family search since that is all I can use since its church website. Love you.

Also on family history get granny to see if we have revolutionary blood cause that would be SWEET!! And any other cool stuff I want to help just no time. Love you

Also on familysearch.org I traced back the Mack line all the way to the 1100s it’s so freaking sweet! We are all over the European continent, Germany and Switzerland and France and everything it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if this family search thing is right I found some direct relatives that were counts and knights in France and Germany and all sorts of stuff but I don’t know if it’s all correct

So I have to get off but one last thing - you will never believe it, looking at family history I found my 8x great grandmother on the Mack line, her grandpa is buried in my mission really close to my area!!!!!!!!! So sweet!!!!!!!

love you got to go

Love Elder Dean

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