Monday, March 25, 2013

5th Letter from Sanford, Maine



So the first and biggest thing is that they have changed the rule!!!! I am now allowed to email for...... wait for it........ TWO HOURS!!!!!! Yes!!!!!! I get an hour more to write people and also I am now actually allowed to email friends… so yay!!!!

I have not received a letter from grant yet so it never got here I don’t know his address or email so.....

I am staying in Sanford, it turns out the sisters are going to the Kennebunk/Wells area. To start off I’ll answer some of your questions.

First the ward is so awesome! I really love everyone in it and they are all super nice and friendly people. They are just super awesome to us and do whatever they can to help us. They do feed us often, I can get up to three member meals in a week. If there is a nonmember there I can have as many as possible … so I usually only get three since we have a very small teaching pool. As to what they feed me it’s all sorts of stuff, not really seafood yet, but I’ve had ribs and stew and pizza. The craziest thing I’ve had so far was a moose meat taco soup and it was so freaking good I loved it.

People who we are teaching on a regular schedule… we are teaching a women named (xxx) and her daughter (xxx) she really likes the married for time and all eternity that we taught about. We are also teaching a man named (xxx), he is like a walking encyclopedia and knows a lot about religion, he asks a lot of really deep questions. We are teaching three other people right now and that is about it. As you can see very small teaching pool, we only on average get like 5 to 7 lessons a week and some of those are with less actives members but it’s still fun.

My favorite part about being a missionary is that I feel the spirit all the time it is really cool.

My least favorite part, I have two “least favorite parts”

1. Not teaching a whole lot, and

2. I sill really struggle with being really homesick, its hard sometimes I miss my family and my friends so much....

I never really realized how blessed I was. My president told me in a meeting one time (because I was really homesick in the beginning) that over half the missionaries here in my mission are from broken homes, anything from abuse to divorce things like that, and I am just so blessed. Even though you and dad are divorced you both love me so much and I’ve got Joel and Christine, Alexander, Danielle and Lochlan and its just crazy how lucky I am.

The biggest difference between here and Georgia is obviously the snow and also the people are just so strange at times. I use to think I would never want to live in Georgia but now that’s where I want to spend the rest of my life. I LOVE Georgia SO much (even with the stupid awful humid crappy summers) I love it. I hate snow, its cold and gross and hard to walk in and I’ve seen enough to last me a life time.

That’s awesome that Cameron and Grant came over I miss those two so much. And I can’t believe that Cameron enters the MTC this week it’s so insane. If you can call him or his mom or somebody that might be with him and just tell him I love him and I’m so proud of him I don’t have his email so I can’t send him anything , so only if you can do that.

That’s awesome that you were able to be there for Marlee. I can’t believe she is leaving so soon and I know she is so awesome I really miss her. She is an amazing friend to have. I’m so grateful for such awesome friends.

 I miss him Lochlan.

I miss your cooking so much mom, I can’t make anything nearly as good. I love you and I miss you mom

Love Elder Dean

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