Monday, March 18, 2013

4th Letter from Sanford, Maine

Hey mom,

That is so awesome to hear about Tasia leaving on her mission. It is so awesome to hear about Marlee, wish her luck or congratulations…. I don’t really know what but something. That is very cool about Brynn; she already wrote and told me.

Thanks so much for the package I wasn’t expecting it but thank you and I will try and find the time to make the kimbap for dinner one night. I only have an hour to make and eat lunch and dinner and it’s really hard to make something good in such a short amount of time. Again thank you for the package – I don’t care what you send, just about anything that you send me will be great.

So I guess that the pictures haven’t gotten there yet since you didn’t say anything, I sent them last Monday but it takes forever for things to get anywhere with the mail system. Which means you didn’t get my letter and that you also don’t know that I got to go down to Boston and hear Elder Ballard, Elder Christensen of the seventy, and someone else, I can’t remember. I live close enough that we got to drive down there and hear him in person. While the rest of my mission and like half the Boston mission just watched via broadcast. The cool thing was I was able to go and shake his hand! So awesome! You should’ve seen the size of the Boston church building it was four stories, huge!

Other than that nothing else major happened this week. We didn’t teach that many people, most of the time we were tracting and the rest of the time is in meetings. This week was a little better than last week, we taught 6 lessons. Things are moving about the same, we go about our schedule every day and its harder some days then others but most days are good.

The Sister missionaries come next week and I find out on Saturday whether or not I will be moving to Wells, Maine or not on the 23rd. I am going to be sending a package with some awesome things for you in the next week maybe two just depends on time and money to send it all. There is sand from Kennebunk beach, and rocks and shells from the beach. I also bought you guys a bottle of REAL new England syrup that is made by a member of my ward and this stuff is really good also really expensive which is why I hope it gets there safely.

Other than that I don’t really know what else to include… things are moving along at as usual. I hope you and everyone else are doing well.

Tell Cameron, Grant and Connor to move their butts and write me at least once since I don’t have any of their addresses.

I know that I had a lot more to write to you and say but of course I forgot what exactly it was but oh well I might write you a letter and hopefully include whatever it was.
Oh I remember one thing why was the kid grounded? Now I forget the rest tell everyone I love them hug Christine, Alexander, Lochlan and Joel for me. Oh and don’t forget to smack Lochlan for me.

Hope my letters get there soon.
Love Elder Dean

PS. That picture is at Kennebunk beach

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