Wednesday, July 17, 2013

21 - Sanford, Maine

Hey Mom!

Hey so you are probably at the movies still. Not much to write, the week went by fast…. sadly it was a fast week of nothing. I really wish we could have been teaching. But we tracted a lot and went out to the out skirts places like Acton and Shapleigh and Lebanon. Some of the roads that we tracted in and around were - Gully Oven road and Jim Grant road in Lebanon…. actually we really just tracted everywhere in the other places.

The authentic Mexican paleta place sounded like an adventure. Sorry that the Mexican food was gross ….. boiled pink pig skin sounds grrrooooosss…..but at least the palentas where good!!!!.

Sister mayle didn’t come out she was delayed a couple weeks and so she will be out soon.
Christine will be just fine….. and so will you.

Thanks for the package with all of the stuff to make ‘dirty diet coke’ it was so good. Also we don’t have the same kind of theme months that you said the elder said they have in your area.

So the step back in time thing is on Saturday and we get to be really involved. They are bring in 6 other sets of missionaries besides our own two in the Sanford ward. Elder Terry and I have to be at the park by 6:30 in the morning and so we will be crazy booked all day! We will be coordinating all of the stuff that is going on with it, we will wear time period clothes and it should be really fun, I am REALLY excited!

The following week is Youth Conference. We actually get to be really involved with it as well! We will be doing stuff with the youth, I am excited about that!

I wish I could email you a video…… When we were tracting this week we found a drunk chipmunk and played with him for a while – it was so funny. I have a video and I’ll send it later, once I have fill the card with stuff. We also found this really sweet park when we were out tracting, I will send pictures of that today, it was really cool. We have found TONS of wild raspberries; they grow all over New England so we are just like always finding them when we are out tracting.

I don’t know what else to say…. we have interviews with the mission president this week, that should be cool.

Love you

Love Elder Dean

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