Wednesday, July 17, 2013

20 - Sanford


That is really cool about the Alexander’s new job; it is cool that he can have the job all through college, that’s like an amazing blessing for him, that is seriously sweet.

Sorry it’s been so raining this past week in Georgia, we haven’t had a day under 90 and on two or three they were well into the one hundreds. It’s so freaking HOT … luckily it’s not as humid as it is in Georgia, but it is just killer heat. I am going to have the crappiest tan lines ever when I get home! Funny watch tan and a funny shirt collar tan on my neck, I’m going to look freaking goofy.

So for the 4th we didn’t go to any of the members homes. By ten it was already a hundred degrees, they had a parade on main street in front of our apartment so we just walked the streets talking to people during that, it was a lame parade that was not very well done but better than nothing. On the 3rd at night they launched fireworks over the lake in front of our apartment so we were able to see some fireworks they were good but ended after like ten minutes so they were over really fast.

I am really glad that Lochlan enjoyed efy so much and noticed a difference in how he feels with the kids he was with verses his other friends.

I don’t really remember streets we tracted this week, but I do know we spent some time in Shapleigh this week and contacted less actives and formers and potentials. I think that our only two investigators are probably going to drop us or us them because they have just really stopped calling or answering anything we say…. its kind of defeating at times. I don’t know I guess it’s just one of those things. The ward hasn’t had the step back in time yet, that will be on the twentieth of this month. So hopefully we will meet some new people who are interested in hearing what we have to say.

We did meet the new mission president this week and he seems really awesome and like he will be good! He came into the room where we were waiting for him and first thing he said was “there’s my missionaries!!” and then hugged every elder. That was really cool.

This week has just been a lot of walking …. sometimes I feel like a failure out here. We don’t teach and tracting seems like it is pointless. I feel like it is my fault that we are not finding people, I feel like if I just had more faith then we would find the people we are supposed to find … I am so worried that it is my fault that this area is dying out like a worm on the hot pavement. I guess I just need to work harder and try and have more faith.

One weird thing that I see often is this really crazy guy that walks some streets in our area. He is really mentally deranged. He used to have a log he would throw on his shoulder and take for a walk and he yells and mumbles and curses as he walks. We avoid him.

I’m wearing the zip on tie you sent! I’m not sure what to say we haven’t had dinner at a members home in like almost 2 weeks. Oh weird fact - did you know they have to have a dance recommend in order to go to the stake dances here?!?! how weird is that?! I just finished the Book of Mormon this past week and have started to go through it again. I am going through and marking with a different colour each time I read it.

Mom how is Lady really doing?

I love you, I miss everyone.

Love Elder Dean

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