Monday, October 7, 2013

4 Derry, NH

Hey Mum,

So conference was amazing. I really enjoyed each of the talks; they were all just so great. It was really nice to just sit back and watch them all. We (the missionaries) had to watch it at the chapel as well, we spent 10 hours at the chapel on Sunday, it was a very long day. We were the only people that were at the church, everybody else stayed home to watch it.

Elder S. Gifford Nielsen, he was the one who spoke about the exclamation point! He is coming to our mission in November for zone conferences so that should be really cool.

That’s really cool that you had the elders over for dinner we didn’t go anywhere, we didn’t even get dinner, we had to skip it last night. But we met a really cool Guatemalan family, they go to the Spanish ward but live in our ward boundaries, they signed up to feed us every week now. Sweet!

This past week we did a lot of service, a member in the ward needed a new roof on their house but they didn’t have the money to pay for one. The High priests group leader and us (my companion and I) put a roof in for them. Nobody else could come - they all had work or something else. We put the roof on from Tuesday till Friday. It was really cool! It was a really neat thing to help and learn how to roof, and it was also nice to be able to do a little physical work.

We taught our one investigator on Saturday and we brought over a member with us to teach. Our investigator called Sunday night frrrrreaking out that we brought somebody with us. He doesn’t want anyone coming over with us… that is a little bit annoying because we should be bringing members over so he can get to know them. Frustrating.

This was a really fast week it just blew by, it was a really good week though. I have a quick question I seem to remember that you said grandpa was a free mason and I want to see if I was correct, and if he is did he have a ring and also who has it?

Hope everything is good with you and the house love you mom talk to you next week

Love Elder Dean

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